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JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference, is a two in one educational and leadership programme for young students in primary 5 to junior secondary school (JSS) 2, organized by Nigeria Model United Nations Society (NigMUNS). Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations, where in young students play the role of world leaders, discussing various issues which humanity faces today and looking for probable solutions to same. The top skills that the students gain at the conference are: stronger leadership skills and self-confidence, stronger teamwork and public speaking abilities, stronger debate and negotiation talents, improved peer relationships and improved global awareness.

JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference is a transformative experience that deepens participants’ understanding of the world and their place within it. Delegates emerge from JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference with open minds, fresh ideas and new friends. With the skills they develop in speaking, writing, negotiating and diplomacy, it is no surprise that many go on to become community and world leaders.

Students at the conference learn to face and overcome challenges, to respect the view point of rivals, to separate the person from the problem, to face disappointment with the determination to do better next time and to experience the joy of achievement. At the end of the conference, each student is changed having learnt more about himself, gained confidence from some endeavours and discovered previously unrecognized potential. The benefit to the student, school and society are great.

JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference 2017 theme is: PROTECTING CHILDREN AND TEENS RFROM CYBERCRIME. The committee sessions will force delegates to think on their feet.  It will avail them the opportunity to expand their knowledge base on various aspects of cybercrime, and how to stay safe on the cyberspace.

How Does Model United Nations Operate

The basic principles of Model United Nations remain the same; regardless of where the conference is taking place:

  1. Every participant is assigned a specific member country of the United Nations.
  2. The participants are placed in a committee focused on a specific issue of global importance.
  3. The delegates research their country’s position on selected committee topics, paying particular attention to their country’s perspective on the topics to be discussed at the conference. The topics are issues of global importance.
  4. The committee sessions are held in accordance with rules of procedure. The delegates present statements of their countries’ positions, debate and negotiate with the other delegates, both through formal and informal debate.
  5. After the sessions of exciting debate, negotiations, and compromises, the committee arrives at a resolution to the issue, much like real-life member states of the United Nations do in their chambers. Votes are held on the resolution and the amendments. A final resolution is produced, which is acceptable to a majority of delegations and represents the final product of the committee.


———–Benefits of Model United Nations to Students—————————-

Model UN events provide active learning opportunities for delegates:

  • promotes interest in the work of the United Nations;
  • promotes interaction and dialogue among young people from a variety of background and school systems;
  • increases the awareness of international issues amongst young people;
  • instills a global perception in young people, focusing on the formulation of peaceful resolutions to world problems;
  • develops the communication skills necessary to foster the international education and build their self-confidence; and
  • instills responsibility and discipline as the students assume the role of ambassadors and speak out on behalf of nations in a bid to resolving issues.

Students’ Eligibility Requirements

  • Junior students in primary 5 to JSS 2 (year 5-8)
  • Ability to communicate clearly and express thoughts and ideas intelligently
  • All participants must be able to communicate in English
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Interested in the knowledge of the United Nations

How to Complete the Registration Form

  1. Select any 3 countries of your choice from the country/committee matrix attached that you can represent (1 out of the 3 could be allocated to you depending on availability)
  2. Select any 3 committees of your choice from the country/committee matrix attached that you wish to simulate (1 out of the 3 could be allocated to you also depending on availability)
  3. Ensure that the country chosen is a member of the committee selected as appropriately indicated in the matrix

Special Information on Country/Committee Selection and Assignment

It is important to note that we cannot guarantee that each student will be assigned the country/committee of his or her choice. Certain criteria may result in a change in delegates’ choice. Some of which are:

  • Most countries are allocated on first-come, first-served basis. Delegates are thereby encouraged to send in their application forms early.
  • Essays are rated according to performance. The best essays will receive awards.

***        Students who apply to sit on the Security Council should be of academic excellence and possess good public presentation and analytical skills. Accompanying staff should please assist us in this regard.

———–Committees & Topics————————————————————-


The impacts of cybercrime on children and teens

Protecting children and teens from cybercrime


Tackling the involvement of young boys and girls in terrorism


The effect of cybercrime on economic growth


Protecting rights of children and fighting cyber bullying


Developing new technologies for online safety


Challenges of parenting in a digital age


Protecting women and children from cyber-abuse


Ensuring safe Internet access to all children


Teaching parents and teachers safety internet tools


Impact of cybercrime on the mental health of young people


Internet as a powerful tool for human development and poverty reduction


Increasing the fight against illegal and harmful online content


Reducing cyberbullying and identity theft


Keeping young people safe while using social networking sites


The role of children and teens in the fight against cybercrime


The role of the media in protecting young people from cybercrime



Requirement for Participation

Delegates must be junior students in primary 5 to JSS 2 (year 5 – 8).


  • Registration is from April 28 – July 14, 2017. Delegates who register after this date will be subjected to a 10% surcharge.
  • NigMUNS will not make any refund of payment from two months before the conference.
  • Any swapping or changing of delegate after registration will attract an administrative fee of N 2, 500.

Arrival / Departure

Arrival is on or before 10.30am on the 21st October, 2017 and departure is on or before 9.30am on 25th October, 2017. Please note the arrival time.


———–SPECIAL EVENTS—————————————————————-

Guest Speakers

JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference 2017 will attract notable and dynamic personalities relevant to government, international relations, and contemporary issues to the conference. In addition, we will introduce in-committee guest speaker programme to ensure that all delegates have the opportunity to hear from real experts on their committee topics.

Gala and Awards Night

The Gala/Awards Night is a very special black-tie event that brings the JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference 2017 celebration to its climax, where we recognize outstanding students and schools, role models whose achievements are a source of pride and inspiration to young people. We also show our thanks to staff advisers and institutions for their continued support.

The event aims to provide delegates the opportunity to interact freely with very important personalities and diplomats in an atmosphere devoid of the usual protocol associated with the offices of these personalities.

World Cultural Night

The conference combines committee sessions with spectacular social events to bring an unforgettable experience that reaches beyond cultures and borders. We all know that our culture is the vehicle of our values, what we believe in, the language we speak, the clothing we wear, the food we eat and the rest of them. We must make a deliberate and conscious effort to keep celebrating it and bringing it to the fore. We must continually celebrate our cultural awareness and support a solid community.

Schools wishing to perform at the World Cultural Night should notify us on or before the deadline of registration to book for a slot. The duration for each presentation is between 5 to 7 minutes. The mode of dressing for this event is: Cultural or traditional dress of Nigeria or that of the delegate’s adopted country. Improper dressing by any delegate will not be tolerated.

World Food Arena

Food does more than keep us alive. It connects us to the land, to cultural heritage, and to each other. It is usually associated with feelings and identity, therefore celebrating the world food will always remain part of our human culture.

The JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference World Food Arena offers the diplomatic missions in Nigeria, a unique opportunity to showcase their cultural identity through food. The students will have a handful of opportunities to taste the various food delicacies provided by the Embassies/High Commissions.


———–Registration Deadline————————————————————

Delegates are expected to complete their registration form according to the instructions and return with one (1) passport photograph, evidence of payment of conference fee and the mandatory essay on “Protecting Children & Teens from Cybercrime” on or before the deadline of July 14, 2017. Students are encouraged to start preparation and research as soon as they receive registration confirmation and countries/committees allocated to them.

Acceptance of Application

Students who have been accepted to participate at JUNSIMUN & Leadership 2017 will be notified on or before July 21, 2017.



Participation in JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference yields tremendous educational and personal rewards. Each delegate should rightly feel great pride in doing the research necessary to participate and in successfully playing the role of his/her country during the conference.

As a means of recognizing outstanding efforts in this area, we are pleased to present several awards with prizes at the conclusion of JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference 2017. Twenty Six (26) Awards will be presented at the Gala and Awards Night to student delegates, school delegations and accompanying staff who distinguish themselves during the conference.

The Awards are

  1. Best Female Delegate
  2. Second Best Female Delegate
  3. Third Best Female Delegate
  4. Best Male Delegate
  5. Second Best Male Delegate
  6. Third Best Male Delegate
  7. Best School Delegation
  8. Second Best School Delegation
  9. Third Best School Delegation
  10. Best Male Accompanying Teacher
  11. Best Female Accompanying Teacher
  12. Best Cultural Performance
  13. Second Best Cultural Performance
  14. Third Best Cultural Performance
  15. Best Drama Presentation
  16. Second Best Drama Presentation
  17. Best Cultural Costume
  18. Second Best Cultural Costume
  19. Third Best Cultural Costume
  20. Best Conference Director
  21. Second Best Conference Director
  22. Best Committee Chairperson
  23. Second Best Committee Chairperson
  24. Best Committee Rapporteur
  25. Second Best Committee Rapporteur
  26. Outstanding Delegates in each Committee


———–Conference Theme—————————————————————-

Protecting Children and Teens from Cybercrime

The growing reach of the internet, social media and the rapid spread of mobile information and communications technologies have presented children and teens with unprecedented opportunity for engagement, offering new means of experiencing creative processes, social interaction, entertainment and learning. Children are not simply passive recipients of information, they are also active participants.

The Internet has considerably changed the way we connect with one another, as well as how much information is readily accessible about us as individuals. Social media, online shopping and the use of a whole host of other websites and platforms enables us to do things online that we could never do in the past. Nevertheless, the internet also offers criminals a fertile ground to lure and exploit their victims on daily basis. It is now easier for online criminals to contact young people in ways that were not previously possible.

Children and teens are particularly vulnerable to the exploitation of online predators because of their increasing access and dependency on digital media, especially for schoolwork, online gaming, and social networking. As the younger generation uses online portals at an increasing rate, it’s critical that parents and guardians understand the best steps to take to protect their children and teens.

It is our responsibility to help them stay safe online. We should make our children understand that certain sensitive, personal information should not be shared online in order to protect their privacy. It is also essential that they know that some individuals may not actually be who they claim to be online. Parents should help young users create their own individual profiles and authentication credentials for the computer itself as well as on the websites they use.

Nigeria Model United Nations Society, through the annual JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference promotes interaction and dialogue among young people from different schools, create life-long friendship, increase their awareness of international issues, and develop the communication skills necessary to foster international education and global perception in young people.


Objectives of JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference 2017

The learning objectives of JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference are to:

  • Educate young people about Cybercrime and how to make the right cyber choices.
  • Provide a platform for young people from different schools and communities to connect, share ideas and experiences that address the challenges of cybercrime.
  • Motivate young people to share their actions and motivate others to act as agents of diversity.
  • Promote a global outlook, tolerance and respect for diversity and difference of opinion.
  • Develop and experience important social skills such as teamwork and group cooperation, conflict resolution, debating, negotiation, consensus-building, critical thinking, public speaking and listening.
  • Gain insight into the workings of the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations by providing opportunities to assume the roles of UN representatives

Through the conference, students will

  • Participate as active and involved citizens in building a sustainable future.
  • Gain an understanding of cybercrime and its effect on humanity.
  • Gain leadership experience and understand the importance of developing strong character
  • Improve the ability to communicate, work with others and accept alternative views and backgrounds
  • Discuss various scenarios and appropriate ways to respond to global issues
  • Foster a greater interest in international affairs.
  • Develop genuine trust to relate with people they consider different from them.



The Leadership Development Programme of the conference will focus on personal and public leadership. The students will be trained on these skills vital for future success in any career:

  • Developing strengths in independence, self-regulation and self-assessment;
  • Confidence in dealing with a wide range of new people and situations;
  • Responsibility for own learning, time management, and working with others;
  • Communication skills in speaking, listening, and presenting effective arguments in a variety of different contexts.

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