Nigerian International Tertiary Institutions Model United Nations (NITIMUN) Conference for Students in Tertiary Institutions

This is where you discuss and socialize with thousands of students attending this same conference.

NITIMUN Conference is an academic exercise where students assume the role of ambassadors of member countries of the United Nations and extensively deliberate on current global issues. It gives students the opportunity to view and understand issues from different perspectives, get acquainted with and appreciate different people and cultures, learn to proffer credible and acceptable solutions to identified national and global problems.

The conference has been designed as a forum where students work with these pressing international issues from a perspective outside of the classroom. Representing the interest of a foreign country further broadens the knowledge of the students on the difficulties and complexities of international relations. The programme brings the activities of the United Nations closer to the youth who are made to assume leadership roles through the simulation.

Students at the conference learn to face and overcome challenges, to respect the view point of rivals, to separate the person from the problem, to face disappointment with the determination to do better next time and to experience the joy of achievement. At the end of the conference, each student is changed having learnt more about himself, gained confidence from some endeavours and discovered previously unrecognized potential. The benefit to the student, Institution and society are great.


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May 18, 2021

Welcome Message by President General Assembly NITIMUN 2021

Technology has fitted the entire world into a large screen TV. From within the spaces we live in, whether Africa, Asia, Europe, or the Americas, young people are in step with information. Young people make deductions from massive loads of information streamed to us from our television sets, our mobile […]
May 18, 2021

NITIMUN 2021 THEME: Restoring youth trust in public leaders and institutions

There are so many young people on the earth today than at any other time in the history of the world. There are about 1.8billion young people scattered all over the world, in every nation, and with diverse color of skin. The majority of young people captured under this statistic […]

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      This is the forum for all visitors, here you discussed and contribute to MUN topics as an individual. not as a student delegate attending a conference.  This forum is for everyone who want to talk about things happening around the world and also ask one question or the other. Welcome!
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      This is JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference Forum, it is a transformative experience that deepens participants’ understanding of the world and their place within it. This forum brings together and educates the next generation of leaders in international affairs—and, indeed, to bring together and educate the junior secondary school students who are already outstanding leaders. Register Now and start contributing
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      Click here if you are a participant of LARSSMUN. it is the largest and most diverse regional student-run model United Nations conferences in Nigeria. The conference has been tirelessly committed to substantive excellence, innovation, and the experience of our delegates, both inside and out of the committee room. this is the online MUN of LARSSMUN
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      NISSMUN Forum is a valuable resource to help students develop effective negotiation, team work, critical thinking, communication skills and form solutions. The Forum broadens a student’s perspective on a variety of international topics and the students develop the leadership, organizational, creative, and personal skills that will be useful for their career. register Now and start contributing.
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      Welcome to the online simulation of NITIMUN. this is the online forum where topics are been discussed during and after the NITIMUN Conference. click register above, patake in this forum and make a difference in the world you are in.
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