Nigerian International Secondary Schools Model United Nations (NISSMUN) Conference is a yearly interactive educational event, recognized by the United Nations, for senior secondary school students within and outside the country. These students, known as delegates at the conference, take on roles as representatives of United Nations member states to discuss and debate most pressing global issues, and proffer innovative solutions to the problems. NISSMUN delegates use this conference to develop their diplomatic skills and relations needed to build a more tolerant and peaceful future. It also creates an avenue for the student delegates to build valuable friendships and promote cooperation.
NISSMUN Conference broadens the horizon of participating students and creates more awareness on real life issues affecting our world today. It provides an avenue for the participants to have fresh knowledge and understanding of international activities and encourages them to be more involved in world affairs. The students at the end of the conference leave with fresh drive for success, enhanced skills and self-assurance to grow and become assets to themselves, their schools and the society as a whole. The experience they gain from this conference will assist in building their resilience to real life challenges and leadership problems they may encounter.
 The theme of the 2023 edition is: Promoting Responsible Digital Citizenship among Young People. The committee and interactive sessions give the participants the chance to understand and realize the   need to utilize youth strength and creativity in developing innovative solutions to climate change.

How Does Model United Nations Operate:

The basic principles of Model United Nations remain the same; regardless of where the conference is taking place:
  1. Each delegate is assigned a UN Member State and a UN body or Committee, and he/she assumes the role of that country’s representative at that UN body or committee.
  2. The delegate researches his/her country’s position on the selected committee topics, paying particular attention to their country’s perspective on the topics to be discussed at the Committee Sessions. The topics are issues of global importance.
  3. The committee sessions are held in accordance with Rules of Procedure. The delegates present statements of their countries’ position then debate and negotiate with the other delegates, through formal and informal debates.
  4. At the end of the whole debate and negotiation, a consensus is reached and a resolution is drafted. The drafted resolution is further scrutinized for possible amendments and finally adopted through the majority vote as the final RESOLUTION.

Benefits of Model United Nations to Students:

  1. Model UN events provide active learning opportunities for delegates, allowing them to explore and analyze a situation affecting different people in unusual settings. They negotiate and reach a consensus on the best action for all, working individually and as part of a group. Delegates develop their communication skills and build their self-confidence.
  2. Helps the students appreciate the relevance of academic study to real-world problems and utilize the skills learned through their school’s course curriculum or degrees.
  3. Provides a multicultural learning experience, as it gives students the opportunity to meet others from diverse backgrounds and nationalities and helps them break out from their own prejudices and preconceptions about world affairs.
  4. Instills responsibility and discipline as the students assume the role of ambassadors and speak out on behalf of nations in a bid to resolving issues.
  5. The UN can be a difficult organization to grasp – it is not a world government, but a system of many organizations which together affect our lives in many ways. In order to influence the way in which the UN works, we must understand the UN – one way of doing this is by taking part in a Model UN event.
  6. Model UN work not only educates participants about the problems the world is facing, but also suggests the means by which progress can be made and problems resolved, peacefully and justly.

Students’ Eligibility:

  1. Students should be in Senior Secondary 1, 2 or 3
  2. They should understand the United Nations and its affairs
  3. Verified research skills and ability to comprehend research topics
  4. Effective communication skills
  5. Students should possess leadership qualities
  6. Students should be team players and eager to learn
  7. Students should be disciplined and smart

How to Complete Registration Form:

  1. The participating students are required to select any 3 countries of their choice from the country/committee matrix. (1 out of the 3 countries could be allocated to you based on availability)
  2.  Select any 3 committees of your choice from the country/committee matrix attached that you wish to simulate (1 out of the 3 committees could be allocated to you also depending on availability)
  3. Ensure that the country chosen is a member of the committee selected as appropriately indicated in the country/committee matrix.

Special Information on Country/Committee Selection and Assignment:

It is important to note that we cannot guarantee that each student will be assigned the country/committee of his or her choice. Certain criteria may result in a change in delegate’s choice. Some of which are:
  • Most countries are allocated on first-come, first-served basis. Delegates are therefore encouraged to send in their application forms early.
  • Essays are rated according to performance. The best essays will receive awards.
  • Students who apply to sit on the Security Council should be of academic excellence and possess good public presentation and analytical skills. Accompanying staff should please assist us in this regard.

Basic Conference Information:

Requirement for Participation

All Senior Secondary School Students and schools are eligible to register and participate in the conference. Schools can enlist as many students as they want.


Acceptance of Application:


  • Registration begins NOVEMBER 19, 2022 and ends MARCH 6, 2023. Late registration by Delegates, Conference Officials or Accompanying Staff will lead to 10% surcharge.


Registration Deadline

All applications and payments of conference fee must be received on or before MARCH 6, 2023.

NOTE: Registration forms must be returned with one (1) passport photograph, mandatory essays and evidence of payment of conference fee.


Acceptance of Application

Students who have been accepted to participate at NISSMUN 2023 will be notified on or before APRIL 3, 2023.


Compulsory Essays

A compulsory essay on “Promoting Responsible Digital Citizenship among Young People” is to be submitted by each delegate. These materials must be delivered on or before MARCH 6, 2023.

Position Papers

All accepted delegates are expected to individually submit their countries Position Papers on or before AUGUST 7,2023. Note: that the position paper is different from the mandatory essay.


Arrival / Departure

Delegates are expected to arrive from 1:00pm on the 28th October, 2023 and depart on or before 11am on 2nd November, 2023.


Special Events:

Promoting Responsible Digital Citizenship among Young People

We live in a world full of advanced technological inventions that we find useful and convenient for our daily lives. Technology has advanced so much, and for the most part, it has made our lives easier, faster, and richer. However, it has also made our lives harder. If we continue to create and depend on all of these technologies that people don’t know how to handle properly, we would be heading for a bad future.

NISSMUN 2023 Conference presents one of the beautiful opportunities for young people to amplify their voices and commitment in being Responsible Global Citizens. Through this event, young people will have the chance to engage with leaders at an interactive dialogue session. The event is expected to galvanize these youth as they engage with the leaders, thus making it a truly intergenerational dialogue; creating avenue for reflection, listening and exchange of ideas between young people, heads of governments, business leaders and other policy makers and stakeholders on Promoting Responsible Digital Citizenship as they concern the youth.

Guest Speakers

NISSMUN 2023 will attract notable and dynamic personalities relevant to International relations. Experienced minds who have insightful knowledge on the conference theme will also be invited. In addition, we will introduce in-committee guest speaker programme to ensure that all delegates have the opportunity to hear from real experts on their committee topics and contemporary issues to the conference. In addition, we will introduce in-committee guest speaker programme to ensure that all delegates have the opportunity to hear from real experts.


Training Programme for Accompanying Staff

The task of the NISSMUN Staff Adviser is more than just accompanying the students to the conference and monitoring them – it is a huge responsibility. We know how important a staff adviser is to student delegates in a Model UN Conference. It is the desire of Nigeria Model United Nations Society to build the capacities of the accompanying staff, enhance their skills in various competences through a Special Training Programme during the conference, and certificates of participation presented to them.

2023 NISSMUN Branded T-Shirts

All delegates and accompanying staff who register on or before the official deadline of MARCH 6, 2023 are guaranteed to receive a branded t-shirt. We request delegates and staff to indicate their t-shirt sizes on the registration form to enable us meet everyone’s request.

Kindly note that the 2023 NISSMUN T-shirts are meant for everyone. However, delegates and accompanying staff who missed the registration deadline would be required to pay a 10% surcharge as contained in the conference registration guideline.

The 2023 NISSMUN T-shirts would be worn at the official Welcome Party for all delegates.

Official Banquet/Awards Night:

The Official Banquet/Awards Night, a very special event that brings the NISSMUN Conference 2023 celebration to its climax. It is where we recognize outstanding students and Institutions, role models whose achievements are a source of pride and inspiration to young people. We also use this opportunity to show gratitude to staff advisers for their continued support.

The event aims to provide delegates the opportunity to interact freely with very important personalities and diplomats in an atmosphere devoid of the usual protocol associated with the offices of these personalities.

World Cultural Night:

NISSMUN 2023 World Culture Night is an amazing opportunity for our participating delegates to learn about and appreciate each other’s cultural heritage, including language, history, cuisine and customs.

The idea behind such initiative is to improve students’ relationships and interactions with each other, break the stereotypes created between the borders of race, religion and other variables.

Part of the night will also be dedicated to performances where students can sing, dance, or show something that’s representative of a certain country or people. We should therefore recognize the role of cultural diversity for the benefit of present and future generations.

World Food Arena:

One of the many ways people showcase their culture is through food. It is an important part of any celebration across the world, regardless of values or religion. It can unite and strengthen community bonds.

The NISSMUN World Food Arena offers the diplomatic missions in Nigeria, a unique opportunity to showcase their cultural identity through food. The students will have a handful of opportunities to taste the various food delicacies provided by the Embassies/High Commissions.


NISSMUN 2023 Abuja Study Tour (OPTIONAL)

The NISSMUN 2023 study tour on Thursday, 2nd November, 2023, has been professionally repackaged to meet every participant’s wishes. Abuja is a land full of highlights that sparkle in pictures, words and sounds. Everyone’s wishes are fulfilled. We have made arrangements with relevant agencies for a comprehensive and exciting study tour to remarkable institutions, impressive sites and heritage spots around the FCT and its environs. It is expected that delegates would maximize the opportunities presented by this superb expedition around the federal Capital Territory as it promises to be excellent, exciting and exhilarating.


Benefits include:

  • In-depth knowledge of the FCT
  • Visit places restricted to others
  • Study guide
  • A customized T-shirt


Advertisement in the NISSMUN Conference Brochure:

Participating schools are expected to take advantage of the unique nature of the NISSMUN conference and advertise their schools and facilities in the brochure. The conference brochure would be sent to other Model United Nations clubs around the world, Embassies, government agencies in Nigeria, stakeholders and the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Advertisers should please send their artwork (colored) in a Flash Disk or CD Rom with photocopy of payment teller to the NigMUNS office on or before July 29, 2023.



Participation in NISSMUN yields tremendous educational and personal rewards. Each delegate should rightly feel great pride in doing the research necessary to participate and in successfully playing the role of his/her country during the conference.

As a means of recognizing outstanding efforts in this area, we are pleased to present several awards with prizes at the conclusion of NISSMUN 2023. Thirty (30) Awards will be presented at the Gala and Awards Night to student delegates, school delegations and accompanying staff who distinguish themselves during the conference.


The Awards are:

  1. Most Outstanding Female Delegate
  2. Second Most Outstanding Female Delegate
  3. Third Most Outstanding Female Delegate
  4. Most Outstanding Male Delegate
  5. Second Most Outstanding Male Delegate
  6. Third Most Outstanding Male Delegate
  7. Best School Delegation
  8. Second Best School Delegation
  9. Third Best School Delegation
  10. Best Male Accompanying Teacher
  11. Best Female Accompanying Teacher
  12. Best Cultural Performance
  13. Second Best Cultural Performance
  14. Third Best Cultural Performance
  15. Best Drama Presentation (Theme)
  16. Second Best Drama Presentation (Theme)
  17. Best Cultural Costume
  18. Second Best Cultural Costume
  19. Third Best Cultural Costume
  20. Best Conference Committee
  21. Best Conference Director
  22. Second Best Conference Director
  23. Best Committee Chairperson
  24. Second Best Committee Chairperson
  25. Best Committee Rapporteur
  26. Second Best Committee Rapporteur
  27. Most outstanding Delegates in each Committee
  28. Best Theme Essay
  29. Second Best Theme Essay
  30. Third Best Theme Essay

Conference Theme:


 Technology has advanced so much, and for the most part, it has made our lives easier, faster, and richer. With more and more people having access to the internet; the whole world is reachable, knowledge has increased, and the information for whatever you want is available to you – right in your hands.

Digital media and digital infrastructures keep playing an important role in promoting social interaction and responsible citizenship. The Internet has been a vital space for interaction, mentoring, and informal learning. Digital technology has revolutionized how we live, work, learn and interact with others. This applies especially to teenagers and young people all over the world. Today’s students have grown up with digital technologies. They cannot remember life without them. Because of this, parents and educators often feel that young people are fully competent in this area. Often, this is not the case.

Even when young people are comfortable and skilled with technology, the ways they use it may not be appropriate. They may use technology in unethical ways, like finding ways to cheat on an assignment. They may use it in socially detrimental ways, like bullying others on social media.  However, young people must know that all citizens in a society are meant to behave in certain acceptable ways. Therefore, there are expectations for everyone who participates, learns, and works in the digital landscape, also. These expectations form the basis of what it means to be a “digital citizen”.

Digital citizenship is the appropriate and responsible use of the internet, computers, and digital devices. Teaching digital citizenship is more than just having people follow rules, policies, and procedures. Teaching digital citizenship helps to ensure that young people think critically, behave safely, participate responsibly, and maintain their health and wellness in the digital world.

Digital citizenship, thus, refers to the ability to participate in online society. It promotes equality and equal participation in all areas of life regardless of race, gender, and ethnicity. Technology has affected the way we think, communicate with each other, and participate in society.  Nations around the world are moving toward digital citizenship. Digital citizenship involves acquiring skills to navigate and exist in the increasingly complex, digitally mediated world.

Objectives of NISSMUN 2023 Conference

The purpose of the NISSMUN 2023 include;

  1. To provide an ideal platform where young people can explore and improve their capabilities.
  2. To provide critical thinking skills among the youth,
  3. To strengthen youth voices on issues that affect their lives,
  4. To develop the skills, values and attitudes that empower the youth to take informed decisions.
  5. To develop efficient public speaking skills,
  6. To educate the students about cyber ethics,
  7. To inspire students to develop positive digital citizenship skills,
  8. To empower the students to inspire others to become responsible digital citizens.
  9. Toencourage young people expand their technological knowledge

Through the Conference, students will;

  1. Develop strong communication and advocacy skills,
  2. Activate their imagination and creativity,
  3. Learn to appreciate different cultures, beliefs and opinions,
  4. Develop more strategies and solutions to global problems,
  5. Build meaningful and lasting friendships,
  6. Become assets to the society with the use of their innovative minds,
  7. Participate fully and gain the benefits that technology has to offer,
  8. Learn how to stay safe online,
  9. Integrate digital literacy and citizenship as part of their daily activities



National Office:

Nigeria Model United Nations Society

14, Dep Street, Off Danube Street, Maitama, Abuja

P.O. Box 7311 Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria

Tel: + 234(0) – (0) 9- 2903635

Hotlines: +234(0) 8022412464, 08068896000



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