The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Tourism and the Digital Transformations. Digital advancements and innovation can now play its part in promoting sustainable development and improving tourism sector as a whole. This will also lead to more employment opportunities, improved standard of living, socio-cultural integration and inclusive societal development which are all parts of the benefits of tourism as Karen Hudgens once said, ‘The travel and Tourism industry is a huge part of our economy’. The United Nations World Tourism Organization is dedicated to encouraging tourism as a tool in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals as it can play a big role in the eradication of poverty and promoting universal sustainable development.

On this day, we raise more awareness on the impact of tourism and the role it has played within the International society. It also serves as an opportunity to examine the socio-cultural, economic and political effects of world tourism. Tourism is very important in promoting peaceful coexistence, tolerance and cooperation. When people from different races who speak different languages and have their cultural practices come together, we see the true beautiful diversification of our wonderful world in that diversified group. It is an important factor that can help promote cultural integration as well as socio economic advancements. We have states like the United Arab Emirates striving greatly largely due to their tourism and they are currently one of the most visited states in the world with a booming economy to show for it.

We all represent different things in this world and one of the best parts is getting to explore and understand the world outside of what you know. It helps promote harmony understanding and reduces the need for violent conflict. Tourism plays a major role in maintaining peace and creating new friendships, it has brought individuals and states alike closer than they could have ever imagined. We get to travel to places formerly unknown, meet new people that become major parts of our lives and change us in ways we neve thought possible. So today, wear blue, plan a trip to somewhere you haven’t been before, meet new people and just enjoy the beauty of the world through travel.


Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets

                                                                -Ernest Hemingway