Distinguished Delegates, Advisors, and Esteemed Guests,

A warm welcome to the platform of the 2024 Lagos Regional Secondary Schools Model United Nations (LARSSMUN) Conference to be held under the theme, “Addressing Drug Abuse and Risky Behaviors Among Young People”. As the President of the General Assembly, I am filled with gratitude for the trust placed in me to lead this distinguished gathering of minds, ideas, and aspirations.

As we prepare for this important conference, we recognize the profound responsibility that rests upon our shoulders—the responsibility to address the urgent and multifaceted challenges posed by drug abuse and risky behaviors among the youth. Our commitment to this cause is not merely symbolic; it is a pledge to enact change, foster understanding, and guide our youth toward a future free from the perils of substance abuse and destructive choices.

In the spirit of the Model United Nations, we will gather at LARSSMUN 2024 as representatives of nations, as advocates for change, and as ambassadors for a better future. Our task is to engage in diplomatic discourse, to collaborate on innovative solutions, and to forge partnerships that transcend borders.

The agenda we confront is weighty, yet we approach it with the belief that through dialogue, cooperation, and shared commitment, we can make a meaningful impact. The conference will provide a unique opportunity to deliberate on strategies to empower our youth, to provide them with the tools they need to resist the allure of drugs, and to create environments where risky behaviors are replaced with positive choices.

In our pursuit of solutions, let us remember that the challenges we face are interconnected—woven into the fabric of societal, economic, and cultural landscapes. It is only through comprehensive and collaborative efforts that we can hope to unravel these threads and create a tapestry of resilience, understanding, and support for our young generation.

I express my sincere gratitude to our prospective delegates and advisers for your interest and commitment to this vital cause. May our deliberations at LARSSMUN 2024 be fruitful, our collaborations be enduring, and our shared vision for a future free from drug abuse and risky behaviors be realized through the collective strength of our diplomatic efforts.



Chisom Udeh

(Holy Child College)

President of the General Assembly

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