We have heard from our parents and elders that life was better for them than it is for us. This is saddening to consider. Why does it seem like the system that was created to protect us is the same system conspiring to eliminate us? Why does it appear that the morals we were taught to uphold are not the same morals we see being portrayed by those in government? Why does it seem that the rules do not apply to those in government as it does to the rest of us, especially young people?

How then can we trust the people in government? How can we trust those who make decisions without putting the needs of the entire citizens into consideration? When the government begins to favour a certain group of people and neglect the others, how can we trust that they have our progress at heart? A government exist to serve its people; every man, woman, youth, and children. We would like to believe that we all matter. But, many times we do not. When the educational system is not being prioritized by the government, how can we truly feel factored into the scheme of things? When budget cuts affect youth development programs while those in the upper echelon of government find reasons to allot greater benefits to themselves, how can we willingly do as they say?  Undoubtedly, these moral flaws in the execution of government responsibilities to her citizen are constantly fueling the uprising we see here and there in many countries.

Do I think anything can be done to curb these risings trends from country to country? Yes, I do. Despite my seeming bitterness and disappointment, I have been brought up to believe that change is possible. I believe that all is not lost. I believe that there are still people within the government that can be trusted. But how will this change happen? This is one of the reasons we are here.

If there was ever a flicker of hope to suggest that things might truly change for the better, should we not fan alive that flame of hope? If there was ever a thought that perhaps we can forgive the past and move on into a brighter tomorrow, should we not magnify the thought and go on to forgive? If there was ever a sign that one or more persons in government can be available to listen and to act in the interest of both youth and government, should we not give ear to such a person? For the love of society, we must hold on to faith in humanity despite the cruelness of our experiences.

The challenge before us is how to transform distrust to trust; how to transform cynicism into belief, and how to transform angry youth into loyal citizens. It will not happen by chance. It cannot suddenly appear like in a miracle. It will take actions that are focused and well planned. It will take government to rid herself of bad eggs. It will take a public awareness that rings as true and sincere to rid youth of preconceived notions that keep them from trusting the system that has long disappointed them.

Let us put ourselves in the shoes of governments of nations whose trust has been lost or broken. What would you do to restore the trust between youth and their government? What would you do? That’s why we are here.