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Welcome to NigMUNS Online Simulation.

This is our discussion topic aimed at preparing students for conferences, facilitating conference discussing, simulating real life conference online and also providing a platform for continuous discussion before and after any of our conferences.
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      This is the forum for all visitors, here you discussed and contribute to MUN topics as an individual. not as a student delegate attending a conference.  This forum is for everyone who want to talk about things happening around the world and also ask one question or the other. Welcome!
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      adewale johnson

      This is JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference Forum, it is a transformative experience that deepens participants’ understanding of the world and their place within it. This forum brings together and educates the next generation of leaders in international affairs—and, indeed, to bring together and educate the junior secondary school students who are already outstanding leaders. Register Now and start contributing
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      Click here if you are a participant of LARSSMUN. it is the largest and most diverse regional student-run model United Nations conferences in Nigeria. The conference has been tirelessly committed to substantive excellence, innovation, and the experience of our delegates, both inside and out of the committee room. this is the online MUN of LARSSMUN
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      NISSMUN Forum is a valuable resource to help students develop effective negotiation, team work, critical thinking, communication skills and form solutions. The Forum broadens a student’s perspective on a variety of international topics and the students develop the leadership, organizational, creative, and personal skills that will be useful for their career. register Now and start contributing.
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      adewale johnson

      Welcome to the online simulation of NITIMUN. this is the online forum where topics are been discussed during and after the NITIMUN Conference. click register above, patake in this forum and make a difference in the world you are in.
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