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June 14, 2016
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JUNSIMUN 2017 Conference Theme

Conference Theme—————————————————————-

Protecting Children and Teens from Cybercrime

The growing reach of the internet, social media and the rapid spread of mobile information and communications technologies have presented children and teens with unprecedented opportunity for engagement, offering new means of experiencing creative processes, social interaction, entertainment and learning. Children are not simply passive recipients of information, they are also active participants.


The Internet has considerably changed the way we connect with one another, as well as how much information is readily accessible about us as individuals. Social media, online shopping and the use of a whole host of other websites and platforms enables us to do things online that we could never do in the past. Nevertheless, the internet also offers criminals a fertile ground to lure and exploit their victims on daily basis. It is now easier for online criminals to contact young people in ways that were not previously possible.


Children and teens are particularly vulnerable to the exploitation of online predators because of their increasing access and dependency on digital media, especially for schoolwork, online gaming, and social networking. As the younger generation uses online portals at an increasing rate, it’s critical that parents and guardians understand the best steps to take to protect their children and teens.


It is our responsibility to help them stay safe online. We should make our children understand that certain sensitive, personal information should not be shared online in order to protect their privacy. It is also essential that they know that some individuals may not actually be who they claim to be online. Parents should help young users create their own individual profiles and authentication credentials for the computer itself as well as on the websites they use.


Nigeria Model United Nations Society, through the annual JUNSIMUN & Leadership Conference promotes interaction and dialogue among young people from different schools, create life-long friendship, increase their awareness of international issues, and develop the communication skills necessary to foster international education and global perception in young people.

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