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Students’ Eligibility Requirements

  • Students in Tertiary Institutions within and outside Nigeria
  • Proven ability to compile extensive research on chosen topics with a clear understanding of country’s position
  • Ability to communicate clearly and express thoughts and ideas in a coherent manner
  • knowledge of the United Nations
  • Demonstrated leadership skills

How to Complete the Registration Form

  1. Select any 3 countries of your choice from the country/committee matrix attached that you can represent (1 out of the 3 could be allocated to you depending on availability)
  2. Select any 3 committees of your choice from the country/committee matrix attached that you wish to simulate (1 out of the 3 could be allocated to you also depending on availability)
  3. Ensure that the country chosen is a member of the committee selected as appropriately indicated in the matrix

Special information on country/committee selection and assignment

It is important to note that we cannot guarantee that each student will be assigned the country/committee of his or her choice. Certain criteria may result in a change in delegates’ choice. Some of which are:

  • Most countries are allocated on first come, first serve basis. Delegates are thereby encouraged to send in their application forms early.
  • Essays are rated according to performance. The best essays sometimes get their choice of allocation.

** Students who apply to sit on the Security Council should be of academic excellence and possess good public presentation and analytical skills. Accompanying staff should please assist us in this regard.

Submission of Essays and Position Papers

Every registration form should be submitted along with the mandatory essay on “The Impact of Unemployment on Migration on or before the deadline of June 6, 2016. Students are encouraged to start preparation and research as soon as they receive registration confirmation and countries/committees allocated to them.

NOTE:          Delegates MUST return Completed Registration Forms with 1 passport photograph each (with names clearly written at the reverse side) and Curriculum Vitae.

Acceptance of Application

Students who have been accepted to participate at NITIMUN 2016 will be notified on or before June 13, 2016.


Mode of Dressing

The standard mode of dressing for delegates is corporate.

  • Suit and tie for the male
  • Corresponding formal outfit for the female – skirt/trouser suits (no jeans, sneakers or casual)
  • Traditional/Cultural Attire for World Cultural Night
  • Formal Dinner or Traditional Outfit for the Closing Dinner

Note:  Disobedience to the dress codes will attract expulsion from the conference. See Code of Conduct attached.

Special Notice on Election into Committee Positions

Chairpersons and Rapporteur of the NITIMUN 2016 Committees will be elected during the conference.

Student delegates interested in any of these positions should submit their typed applications on or before the arrival day, September 3, 2016 for screening by the Electoral Committee. See Conference Schedule.

Requirement for Participation

Application for participation is open to Students from Tertiary Institutions within and outside Nigeria.


  • Registration is from February 29, 2016. All applications must be received on or before June 6, 2016Delegates who register after this date will be placed on the waiting list.

 Arrival / Departure

  • Arrival is from 1pm on the 3rd September, 2016 and departure is on or before 12noon on 8th September, 2016.

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