There is a growing disconnect between young people, public leaders and institutions. Trust may have been breached from the unfavourable experiences and the recurring news of corruption, discrimination, abuse of power, violent conflict and extremism. Young people are no longer trusting!

Trust is breached when the system that should prepare young people for governance relegates them to the sidelines. Trust is breached when the market economies are scaled too high for young people to compete fairly. Trust is breached when there is grand corruption and elite capture. Trust is breached when rule of law and human rights are not respected. Trust is breached when citizens do not have access to justice, and the judiciary and law enforcement agents are not independent and impartial. Trust is breached when political election results do not represent the will of the voters. Trust is breached when race, ethnicity, religion, gender and other personal characteristics remain the underlying reasons for acceptance or rejection rather than the content of a person’s character.

Today’s world is home to the largest number of youth ever seen; the driving force of tomorrow, and that’s the main reason why we must engage and rebuild young people’s trust in governments and institutions. There is an obvious need to address the problematic areas to make meaningful actions that show sincere commitment to giving young people a voice, providing them with opportunities for growth and development, and engaging them in decision and policy-making processes.

Rebuilding trust entails public leaders and institutions pledging to doing things properly. Young people would rather seek to have faith in the system than despise the system. Young people would rather join hands with their leaders than be at the negative side of nation building. Young people would rather seek peace than war. Indeed, young people have hearts worth nurturing.

NISSMUN 2021 offers students in senior secondary schools across the country and abroad, the opportunity to represent member states of the United Nations in the assigned conference committees to proffer sustainable solutions to the current global trust deficit. It will also build the students’ capacity on media literacy to be able distinguish genuine intentions of leaders from misinformation and fake news, because – IT TAKES TRUST TO BUILD TRUST.