Welcome Message by the Secretary General: NISSMUN 2019

June 22, 2019
Welcome Message by the President, General Assembly: NISSMUN 2019
June 22, 2019
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Welcome Message by the Secretary General: NISSMUN 2019

It is always a milestone moment when we gather together like this for a common global good. From everywhere near and far, you have come to advance the cause of humanity for man, woman, and child. And, I say welcome. Welcome to the 15th Nigerian International Secondary Schools Model United Nations Conference, NISSMUN 2019.

Our gathering is a testament of the willingness of young people to be a vital, solid, and significant part of the process for change and development in our world today. Look around you. Everywhere you turn, there are young people. You see young people walking the streets, playing football, running errands, learning a trade, attending classes, and also playing mischief. We are everywhere.

In fact, there are three billion of us running around the world. There are three billion of us bursting with energies. There are three billion of us brimming with creativity. Yes, there are three billion of us sitting on a potential that can become dynamic catalyst for change.

For is there not a reason why things must change? The world at present is filled with violence and conflict arising from actions of tolerances, prejudices, and hate. Men strive with each other for resource control. Poverty rides high ravaging lives in their numbers. Inequality, unemployment, and injustice reigns in corridors of power. Can you not hear the cries for help, justice, and retribution?

This journey of change has been a very long one. Nations have banded together with other nations to proffer solutions to world problems. The United Nations and other humanitarian organisation have stepped up to charge the cause for peace and global development, and as laudable as their work has been -there is still so much to do.

If young people are 3 billion in a world of 7 billion people, the force to change this world may very well lie with this humongous breed of energetic, creative, and teachable generation of young people. It will therefore be foolhardy to ignore this massive population and go to war without them.

We are everywhere full of energy, wit, creativity and zest. We are everywhere bringing fresh eyes to old challenges and novel ideas to age old problems. We are everywhere we need to be. We are ready to sign up to every responsibility that prepares us for peace building, tolerance and conflict resolution.

Already we are here. Ready to work, ready to put our hands to the plow, ready to band together for the cause of peace, ready to be change agents, peace Ambassadors, and volunteers for nonviolent conflict resolution programs. We are here today because we are ready. What more is left than to receive our marching orders, dialogue for peace, inactive laws for change, and develop programs for peace. We are here and we are ready.

We are able to band together as a force of change. We are able to influence our peers to shun stereotypes, discrimination, marginalization, and intolerances of every kind. We are able to creatively promote and project atmospheres of fun, interaction, and peace. Thank you for being here. Thank you for realising that your world needs you. Thank you for believing in yourself.


Thank you, and welcome.


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