You are welcome to LARSSMUN 2020.  The conference is without doubt, the best place to be in November, 2020. With young people bonding together for a cause, the end result is not a mystery because every young person is infused with dynamic ability to make things happen –and when two, or three hundred, or a thousand of us decide on a thing, we give it our best shot.

That’s why the Sustainable Development Goals need us. The SDGs need our creative out-of-the-box mentality. They need young people everywhere to sign up for the accomplishment of these goals. We are the change that completes the march towards 2030.

Look around today, the world is still full of hungry people; inequalities; intolerance; conflict; violence; and climate change issues. I admit some things are changing, yet it appears like nothing has changed. No significance progress has been made against the backdrop of 17 goals and 169 targets.

That’s why world needs us. The question of how nations can achieve 17 goals and 169 targets may very well rest in the movements and solutions engineered by you. We have been born in trying times. We are witnesses of the hate, the ache, the storm, and the woes that loom large before us every day. We were born here, born into adversity – yet we thrive. We have what it takes to take a licking and keep on ticking.

We are resilient –and this resilience is required to wage a long-drawn war against the forces of negativity threatening to pull nations apart, threatening to drown our voice. This resilience in the hands of good will make significant progress in every effort we mount.

This is the world we live in. This is the world we know. We have been born to redesign, re-engineer, and recreate. We are not a powerless few. We are mighty many. As long as there is a Youth, there really is hope for others.

We are the generation launching more startups and gaining higher education. We are the generation of entrepreneurs, highly strategic and energized making things happen in our sphere of contact. We are the Young people ready to lend our voices, talents, initiatives, and technology to influence society with the message of the SDGs.

We are the generation unafraid to speak, unafraid to innovate, unafraid to take action.  We are non-bureaucratic, apolitical, and strong willed. We are better than our predecessors.  We are the Young people ready to answer the call for service.

And, we are ready to lead the world into the future –the same future that awaits the completion of the Sustainable Development Goals. For, if the nations must do this –they must do it with us.