WELCOME MESSAGE by the President, General Assembly: NISSMUN 2020

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June 22, 2019
WELCOME MESSAGE by the President, General Assembly: LARSSMUN 2020
February 11, 2020
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WELCOME MESSAGE by the President, General Assembly: NISSMUN 2020

The Sustainable Development Goals are a testament of hope, faith and love. When the Sustainable Development Goals – the SDGs became a global plan of action for all nations in the year 2016, the world had just come out from unfinished and unreached Millennium Development Goals.

SDGs are a testament of hope. The hope that we have learned our lessons from the challenges we encountered, the failures recorded, and the successes celebrated. It is because of this hope that we seek to end poverty and hunger despite the fact that at that time billions of the world’s population lived in poverty, it was hope in the resurrection of a dying planet that we yet seek to protect the planet from degradation. It can only be hope that propels us to believe that we can live free from fear and violence despite the surge of intolerances, conflict, and wars that have ravaged our cities. The SDGs was borne from our collective hope.

SDGs are a testament of faith. The faith that there is still good in humanity despite the bloodshed from xenophobia and genocide, hate crimes from racism and intolerances. It is this faith that compelled the enactment of 17 goals and 169 targets –not regarding the unfinished goals of the MDGs. It is faith at work when we refuse to renege on gender equality. It is faith at work when we took a no retreat no surrender stance against violent extremism, terrorism and related humanitarian crises. It can only be faith in our inherent good that keeps us developing intervention programs that cater to every aspect of the goals. The SDGs was borne of faith that overcomes.

The Sustainable Development Goals are a testament of love. The love for all peoples and citizens of the world. The love that refuses to recognize colour, race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. The love that desires to see each and every person enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives as well as foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies despite the rising hate and conflicts. It is this love that fuels the education of young people towards a better society in and beyond the classroom walls. It is this love that fuels the journey to 2030. The SDGs are a beautiful display of love for mankind.

We have hope, faith, and love. What more do we need to conquer the mountainous goals ahead of us? What more do the nations require for the targets that have been agreed on? What more is left for you and I?

Hope, faith and love require actions. Actions prompted by this hope. Actions walking on this faith. Actions as proof of our love.

The SDGs will only be accomplished by precise, strategic, and effective actions. It’s time to do the actions that get the results. It’s time. Welcome.

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