WELCOME MESSAGE by the Secretary General: NISSMUN 2020

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February 11, 2020
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WELCOME MESSAGE by the Secretary General: NISSMUN 2020

I welcome all our wonderful delegates and visitors to our NISSMUN 2020 platform. Welcome to an atmosphere of activism and promise.

October, 2020 is a beautiful month in history as we gather for yet another stimulating time of political awareness, global education, and intervention for the world’s biggest headaches. This is the NISSMUN and we have our work cut out for us; to contribute in value and relevance to the advancement of the Sustainable development Goals enacted in September, 2015.

In 2015, there were resounding applause that greeted the signing of the Sustainable Development Goals by every nation under the UN. They cheered at the picture of 2030 when every of the 17 goals and 169 targets would have been met. They cheered at the picture of the world we all dream to live and thrive. No wonder they clapped. The clap was a signal of hope. The clap was a shout of peace. The clap was a call to action.

The call to take up the responsibility of eradicating hunger and poverty from the world’s poorest communities; the call to distribute, equally and fairly, the earth’s natural resources, the call to end gender inequality and violence against women; the call to take care of our planet and stop the climate change issues. We have answered the call.

Our answer is the reason we are here. We see the impact of intervention programs in many parts of the world; we see some numbers and indicators reducing. We see the efforts and interventions as put forth by the UN and other humanitarian bodies. We are propelled by what we see.

But that is not all we see.

We see areas untouched by the action plans of the Sustainable Development Goals. We see nations yet entrenched in deep seated poverty and conflict. We see some numbers rising when they should be falling. We see the lines on charts falling when they should be rising. We remain propelled by what we see.

But isn’t there something better to see?

We would like to see the picture of the future as envisioned and encapsulated in the Sustainable Development Goals. We would like to see a world where children no longer go hunger to bed. We would like to see a picture where the poorest among us lives on more than $5 a day. We would like to see men and women living together in collaboration not competition. We would like to see job creation, mass employment, entrepreneurship, and increasing literacy rates. We would like to see a highly educated society basking in tolerance, peace, and prosperity in every nation under the sun.

But is it possible to see this much?

If we choose as peoples, group, and nation to put our words to action; if we choose to lay aside the unnecessary bureaucracy that weakens the momentum of change; if we shake up passive systems, restructure broken down policies, and revive true national patriotism…

Maybe. Just maybe we can take the Sustainable Development Goals from the corridors of heartfelt commitment to the place of daily actions which produce effective results that bring us closer each day to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Maybe this conference be one action that moves us closer.



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